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20th March2 notes
Happy Birthday, Swenja! I wünsche dir alles, alles Liebe! Hoffe du hattest einen schönen Tag?! Fühl dich gedrückt! <3

awww Dankeschön Jules . Ich hatte einen Wunderbaren tag :) *hugs*

happy bday swenja! hope you're having a great day

thank you my dear <3

Heey dear! Haappy, happy Birthday! Enjoy ur day and celebrate! Xoxo :))

Thank you for your sweet message Noemi *hugs*

23rd January2 notes
hie, happy b-day <3

thank you :)

Happy birthday Swenja! hope that you have an awesome day and enjoy it with all the people that you love <3 Wish you the best because you truly deserve it! Love you :D

awwn thank you Gisele !!! *hugs&kisses*



Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day xo :)

Thank you :) *hugs*

Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness and I hope you have a wonderful day! *hugs*

Thank you Gabriela:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWENJA!!! Hope you have a great day xo

Thank you :)



Dankeschön Jenny :)

23rd January3 notes
Happy birthday my sweet Swenja! I hope you have an amazing day! Enjoy! <33

image thank you Ceyda :)

23rd January1 note
i love you so much! your blog as your taste simply brilliant. I hope you'll make edits forever. Be happy, stay inspired:) hugs and kisses:) happy birthday:)

Thank you soo much Daria <3 

Happy Birthday Swenja! 

I hope you have a beautiful day surrounded by all the people you love, I wish you all the best and all your wishes that come true because you deserve that :) And you must pleaseeeeee continue sharing your great talent with us for a long time! 


Oh my gosh this is so cute :3  *crying* thank you soooooooo much Jess  ILY

23rd January10 notesitsallonrob


Happy Birthday dear Swenja @FmeRob​!

As every year, I’m sending on your way lots of Rob’s kisses and hugs (this time in the water *-*).

I wish you the best because you’re one of the best person I’ve ever met here.

And thanks so much for being such a talented and devoted fan of our beloved Robert!

Love you bb <3

 I´m spechless ….Thank you so much my dear bru .I love you

23rd January12 notesslaveforrob