I’ll be on a little semi-hiatus. I can´t edit anything…My laptop broke down (with all my files/programs. ).

16th August4 notes


hey guys…  I’m not able to come online for a while ( a week or so.)…. Personal reasons so I won’t get into it.

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I’ve been tagged by always-robwhoring


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What a bastard my boyfriend called me from the other room to tell me rob is in TV so  I ran  like a maniac …. there was no rob ;((((((((((( …..he´s was laughing at me and said while your here can you please bring me something to drink

20th September7 notes

Sony Vegas hates me today :( that fucker crashes all the time

6th September3 notes

going to bed good night <3

going to bed good night ladies <3

(ps Rob I’ll see you in my dreams)

20th August4 notes

My plan for tonight

see you guys tomorrow

I´m chocoholic   I just ate  2 whole packages of chocolate

29th July5 notes

Just saw my edits on TOR

 thank you soooooo  much guys

I love ya

2nd July6 notes