"People never really lose that spark, I don’t think you can take it away from humanity, no matter how much you beat them down, it never quite disappears"

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“As an actor, you just have to be very lucky to get great roles and when I like one, I’ll take the opportunity. If they do get more realistic, it’s either a coincidence or it happens subconsciously.”
— Robert Pattinson - Interview Germany, 2012 (via thinkingofrob)
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David thinks Rob is a 'good kisser' [x]

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What do you hate about it (being an actor)? [x]

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Robert Pattinson // Maps to the stars TIFF Premiere

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Robert Pattinson, Maps to the Stars premiere - TIFF 2014

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"My dream is to go back to being a waiter.”

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∟ “Maps to the Stars” cast, TIFF portraits 2014

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Robert Pattinson // TIFF 2014

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I did some interview a while ago, and it sounds like I’m a manic-depressive about to kill myself. And I’m like, ‘No I’m not!’

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Robert Pattinson Alphabet /// Dior Homme

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